“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”-Arnold H.Glasow

When I came across this quote today something inside me shouted to stop. I wondered what it was. That was my frustration; it asked me is success this simple?

I am someone who has always put all my efforts to do what is right, in a right way, that right way which is always right according to this unfailingly right society. Then what goes wrong each time, why I am thrown away from my way to success always? Many would relate to me here that whenever we as an individual visualize our dreams coming true, suddenly the visuals vanishes from our eyes and we are shaken up to rise in our realities. It’s not that we are not capable enough, or we don’t do required hard work to achieve what we want; It’s about our “Right Time.” I wonder what this right time looks like and feels like. I have been waiting for this right time for so long now. People meet me each time and say oh goodness you are so talented, don’t worry your right time is surely on the way.

For now, I am tired listening to these constant fake concerns for me and my right time. I am tired of wasting my talent. I am tired of calming down my frustration. I am tired of just dreaming without fulfilling it. I am tired of this long wait. I am tired of waiting for my right time.

It is always said that whenever you get an opportunity to be successful in your field, grab it with both your hands. What if I lost the opportunity I was offered because of some extremely important issues of life, wouldn’t the opportunity come back to me for a second chance. You would say if you didn’t accept the chance at that very moment it was your fault because you didn’t give it that much priority. What if I say that if you are topping the list of someone else’s priority, you have to somehow compromise with your own priorities too.

But if all the game of priorities and compromises are over and I want to have a comeback would I get a knock at my door again. There is no another alternative than to wait, wait and wait longer for that right time. And till then doing all that is required and to fight with our fate is the only option left with us.


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