I have always been a nature lover. I love traveling to places that are rich in natural beauty and the ones which calm down my anxieties of “Where is my life heading to kind of mode?” Some time back I had visited Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is purely a heaven on earth. It is a perfect destination to be at if you are in search of peace from your day to day busy schedule. Apart from its world-famous pristine beaches, Andaman is a total package of adventures of all kind. It caters the tourists with different kinds of water sports such as scuba diving, sea walk, snorkeling which gives an insight into the amazing underwater world. Not only the underwater world but the rich forests and mountainous slopes also invite trekking lovers from all parts of the world to it.

Here, I am presenting a photo story of the places that I visited in Andaman. I know my photography could not catch the actual beauty of the place but I still tried my best to capture some of the things that are worth sharing.

1. WANDOOR BEACHDSC_0342.JPGThis is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches of the Andaman Islands named. This beach is majorly known for its scenic panorama. Close to the beach is Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, where people visit to explore the underwater world. Believe my words this beach is way more beautiful than it looks in the picture.

2. ROSS AND SMITH ISLANDDSC_0025.JPGThis is something that blew my mind with its unmatched paradise kind of view. It is known as Ross and Smith Island. There is literally a sandbar that connects both the islands with one another. This sandbar is like a dream to walk on with both the sides having clear blue water and a hue of green added to them. Not only the place even the boat ride which takes 15 to 20 minutes from Diglipur port to the island is a journey of a lifetime. An aerial view would have looked better in the photograph but this is what I was able to capture.


If you are in Andaman you can’t miss this adventurous visit to the underwater world. It was an experience of the lifetime to see all kinds of fishes around, to see the rich and colorful coral reefs. The best part of it is you don’t need to be a swimmer because I am not and I did this. Trust me I was so scared in the beginning while doing this.

4. LIMESTONE CAVESDSC_0138.JPG This is a natural limestone cave which got raised and came into existence from the sea beds. It is situated in Baratang Island and is a major attraction for the tourists. The route to this caves passes through mangrove forests amidst the clear waters of the sea. The most intriguing thing was the presence of crocodiles in the water which lucky people get a sight of. But I have always belonged to the unlucky community so I couldn’t see any.

5.MANGROVE WALKDSC_0182.JPGTalking about mangroves above, this was altogether a different world. You will actually feel that you are lost in a wonderland and the only thing you can do is walk in this mysterious environment. After a long serene walk, you would reach to a beautiful white sand beach. The whole journey feels like you were a part of a fairytale.

6.SUNSET DSC_0528.JPGWatching the setting sun while the cool breeze and soft splashes of water touch your face is a memorable experience. You don’t have to spend a single buck to be happy if you are here. With the setting sun though the journey ends but the memories would always be alive in our hearts and minds.

Apart from these natural wonders, there are much more that I have not documented here. Those who are making up their mind to visit this heaven, after looking at the pictures, let me tell you the ambiance of Andaman is really tourist friendly. You will never encounter any issues with food, transportation or language. Do visit this place once in your lifetime.




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