I have always been an observer kind of person all my life. Whether it be my own house, school, college or wherever I go, I am very attentive to the happenings that are going around me. Yesterday I was out with my husband, and we went to an ice cream parlor which is just beside my house. While we were ordering for our ice creams, a man with a small boy entered the shop. The man had some issue with his leg, I assumed that he had polio-stricken legs. He was not able to walk freely. While looking to his clothes, it was quite evident that he was an autorickshaw driver because drivers here have a particular uniform for them. He then ordered for three ice cream bars, took them and handed it to his son and asked him to give it to his mom who was sitting inside the auto.

After paying the bill he walked away and joined his family for the ice cream treat. What made me notice him was a constant smile on his face. His smile was so palatable. The way he made his family happy with a simple ice cream treat and the gleaming faces of his son and wife was so satisfying to see. It also forced me to think why I am so happy looking at them. Isn’t this a normal thing like coming out with your family and having an enjoyable time with them? It is for sure, but these days happiness is not a normal phenomenon for many. We have so many problems to think about in our life that our real happiness takes a back seat. Happiness for all individual varies according to their priorities. I on a personal level get pissed off with things instantly. I always literally push myself to be happy despite all the ups and down my life goes through. This man inspired me more towards this attitude of mine. Despite having a physical disability he is doing his best to earn honestly and not begging around for money. The second thing was the efforts that he was putting to bring little joys for his family.

In this really fast changing world people have forgotten the pleasure of simple joys of life. It is more of like we have become materialistic by nature. We just need to identify the things that make us happy and work towards achieving it. Simple joys though bring momentary happiness but it is so satisfying to our souls.



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