Why does this happen?

I am a girl, a daughter, a friend, a wife, a sister and most importantly a human being. I have a life, a life of my own. I have feelings, emotions, grudges, fears just like every other human. So why I have to be scared to be me, to be a girl. Every time I come across a news article related to gang rape, acid attack, emotional blackmailing, dowry death, sexual harassment, honor killing and the list that never ends, I am shaken up all till my last cell. Why does this happen to us? Just because of our biological orientation or something larger.

Reasons cited by our so called representatives are horrendous. How can someone justify the heinous incidents by saying ” These kind of thing happen” or “The women put makeup and wear short clothes so it is bound to happen”. It’s high time that we stop the game of victim blaming. We girls know that whether we wear a salwar kameez or a short skirt we can be attacked in both the cases. Every time this kind of shameful incident takes place all the responsible citizens of the country start blaming the victim. There are endless conversations of how we women invite these disgusting situations in our life. What surprises is when I hear these words coming from a woman. We generally blame are counter men of not understanding our point on these matters but listening  to these things from someone who belongs to the same race is not at all acceptable.

I come from a really small town. I was fortunate to be born to parents who were extra protective about me. I have observed that being parents they were always equal to me and my brother. Why I am mentioning this is because it has to do a lot with the current situation. Our society has always put forward structural inequality in our families. The patriarchy runs throughout the societal system. If a son notices his father disrespecting his wife, ruling her life its but obvious that the son would follow the same with his partner or maybe even with her sister. We all have to work on the kind of upbringing a boy is receiving. That would be directly proportional to their growing mentality towards women. They need to learn how to respect a woman and her choices. This can be only possible if the ground roots that are the parents are clear with it. This is the need of the hour. As friends, we need to make boys understand what a girl goes through when such kind of thing happens to us. All men are not same and nor all boys, so we can only work on this and expect that a convincing future lie ahead.

One more reason of these rising cases is the confidence a man gains realizing that the girl would never mention this in front of anyone. In our hypocrite society, a girl’s modesty is clearly labeled to be the pride of the family. If unfortunately the modesty of girl is ruined the pride of the family automatically demolishes. This is the reason why most of the harassment cases get unnoticed. A lot of episode of harassment, blackmailing, assault happen to girls on a daily basis but we shut our mouths thinking reporting it or even mentioning this would bring disgrace to our families. This disturbing trend needs to be questioned. We need to build an environment where a girl feels comfortable enough to share the mishappenings occurring with her.



Today the election commission announced the dates of elections that would be taking place this year in different states. So Manipur, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Punjab are ready to experience their respective state elections in the coming months. Since the news channels have already started debating over the opinion polls, hereditary power struggle and declared winners, what grabs my attention is the fundamental issues concerning the particular states which are never talked about eminently.

Politics in India have always been based on the cards of caste, class, money, family and else. Development and welfare of citizens have been heard only in the party slogans but not on the real ground. We have entered into a new year but nothing new has happened with the way our politicians divide the voters on the basis of religion, class difference and strata of societies for their personal benefits. One more disturbing fact that needs to be noticed is that all the parties are playing the blame-game to degrade the ones on the other side. While addressing the rallies they are more concerned to list the works that are not being fulfilled by the opposition rather than focussing on what are the problems that people of the state are facing and how to tackle it.

India has enough resources and manpower that can solve its problems but the fact is the people who are in authority are busy verbally attacking their competitors than taking care of the responsibilities they are assigned with. The next thing that disturbs me is the power-centric behavior of our leaders. The parties are applying all the possible tricks and strategies that can bring them the chair. They can go to any extent to get into power take the example of Bihar, where Nitish Kumar who was always against of Lalu Prasad Yadav came into an alliance during the state elections just to win the elections.

Recently we all witnessed the clash in the Samajwadi empire. The family politics overtook the TV screens for almost two long days and are still ruling the screens. The head of the family who is probably in his 70s or 80s is still not ready to leave the party head chair. How can we expect a good governance delivery from such people. The political pattern of India has turned out to be more of identity politics than welfare oriented politics. The rhetorics come in handy for the leaders who become the face of the party and the party further gets identified by their names.

Election campaigns have always been money splurging events. All the parties spend crores and crores of money just to sing their winning sagas. The same money can be utilized to build better future for the people who are voting for them. Political leader’s action should speak louder than their words. The electronic media should also act responsibly in these cases. Today the whole of media is just yelling on their opinion polls being right and declaring the winners right away. The only thing they are behind to is which party is going to rule the state rather than bringing into notice the performance of the parties in dealing with the important issues of the states.